About Us

ITALIANASTOCK was founded in Rome (Italy) by Mr. A. Asli for national and international shipping services, for the supply of machinery, building materials and food, for the sale of stocks of all kinds. The target markets are the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Production of coffee and chocolate
  • Import and export of vegetables, fruit and raw materials
  • Export of machinery and renewal of factories
  • Sale of stocks of all kinds
  • National and international shipping


  • Franchising of clothing and footwear
  • Franchising of food products
  • Franchising of raw material
  • Franchising of elevators
  • Franchising of ceramics and bathrooms
  • Franchising of electrical material
  • Franchising of spare parts
  • Franchising of electronics
  • Franchising of diapers
  • Franchising of cosmetics

Stocks Types

  • Stock of clothing
  • Stock of shoes
  • Stock of food
  • Stock of furniture
  • Stock of machines
  • Stock of cosmetics